The Ebay survey traces the needs and technological priorities of the Italians

The Ebay survey traces the needs and technological priorities of the Italians

Ebay has announced the outcome of market research conducted on the technological needs of Italians. Salvatore Aranzulla, guest of honor at eBay's Tech Week launch event, was the promoter of the greatness of Italians' love for technology.

The e-commerce giant asked a sample of Italians to indicate in a priority scale with values from 1 to 7 - (1 indicates the essential and 7 low priority products) their preferences about the following product categories: smartphones, laptops, video games and consoles, smart devices for home management, smart appliances, smart TVs and wireless headsets ((selected by Bay based on online shopping trends and new trends)

The results of the research were represented with the famous Maslow needs pyramid, loved by sociology but declined in a technological version.

Without gender or age differences, smartphones and laptops are positioned at the base of the pyramid of tech needs. Essential devices described as indispensable appendices, and necessary in any situation. 48% of respondents - about 25.5 million Italians - indicate the telephone as a primary need, while 26.2% consider the laptop to be more important. The results of the survey are confirmed by sales on in the last year the cellular and smartphone sector grew by 14%, with 1 telephone item sold every 6 seconds!

On the top floors of the pyramid there are 10.8 million Italians who give preference to television, in the smart TV version and then to smart appliances.
these household products are now much sought after. On these smart home management products like the Google Home mini, Ebay sees 80% sales growth. Among the most popular products from the generation of Millennials, there are instead console and video games that we find at the 4 step of the pyramid while the over 45, women and men, indicate the gaming products as the less necessary.

In addition, the survey highlighted the digital obsession of Italians: over one in two Italians, especially women (52%) say that the first gesture of the day is the check of notifications and messages on the smartphone. 1 Italian in 3 states to react to unexpected situations by filming them with the smartphone to take pictures or videos.

Half of Italians make no secret of their propensity to online shopping, with the support of advice and reviews.

coming to social media: a real addiction, about 40% of respondents check their social networks Instagram, Facebook etc. more than 5 times a day.

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